11 Europe Travel Guides To Maximize Your Visit

simple europe travel guides

Planning to visit Europe for the first time or you have been there before? Here are 11 best Europe travel guides that will help you maximize your visit.

1. An applicant receives a passport at least six weeks after application. There are some countries such as Croatia and Serbia, where you will not need to have a visa to get in. However, research to make sure you know what you need and where to get any official traveling document.

2. Grand hotels like the Hilton Hotel are usually booked months before the visit since sometimes, especially during peak seasons you might find it fully booked for weeks.

3. Between June and August, you might not be able to enjoy as much as when you have the freedom to travel anywhere in Europe without the worry of long queues and crowded parks. The best time to visit is either in the fall or early spring.

4. Although the world is quickly picking up the paperless money trend, some local stores in Europe may still be a cash-only place. It will be great if you can have a sufficiency of both.

5. A night at a different place every day may not be the best way to enjoy your trip. How about spending two or three nights in one town and see how it feels to interact with the people there?

6. Stay in smaller towns as compared to cities. You do not have to always be in London or Madrid. Small towns such as Cesky Krumlov, Colmar in France and Hallstatt in Austria might give you a pleasant surprise.

7. Make sure you are able to do long walks without worrying about your shoes. You might want to consider taking the walking tours around Europe. If you are planning to visit a place like the Slovenian Mountain Trail, proper hiking gears is a must have.

8. Make new friends. Do a bit more research and discover new places. You can start with islands such as Saaremaa in Estonia and Pag in Croatia.

9. Talk and mingle with the locals. They will help you learn one or two exciting things about where you are visiting without necessarily looking it up on the internet. A famous phrase says that when you go to Rome, do what the Romans do.

10. In Europe, people love their lunch breaks which can extend to one or two hours. If you are going to the book a ticket in the afternoon, be sure to keep this in mind so that you plan your time well.

11. Instead of using the train all the time, you might want to consider using budget airlines. Some are even cheaper than using the train from city to city. You can travel from Barcelona to Amsterdam using a budget airline.

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