8 Awesome Disneyland Money Saving Tips

awesome disneyland money saving tips
how to save money when visiting disneyland

Are you wanting to visit Disneyland but find it too expensive? Perhaps you need to save as much money as possible for other attractions in this area. Or you have a large family that needs to be taken care of. Whatever situation you find yourselves in, there are several disneyland money saving tips you can benefit from. Please read on to find out what these are.

Visit Disneyland During The Quiet Periods.

Rather than come to Disneyland during the busy periods, such as during the school holidays, consider coming here during the quiet periods instead. You will be surprised to discover that the costs of nearby accommodation will be surprisingly cheap. Not only that, but you might find yourselves in awe over how cheap some of the attractions in Disneyland are. Not to mention a much cheaper entry fee. You will also be able to include the cost of coupons, tickets and accommodation all in one amount.

Purchase Disneyland Discount Tickets.

Many people don’t think to do this obvious thing. These discount tickets can be purchased from Disneyland’s website. They can also be purchased through various retailers who work for and on behalf of Disneyland. You’d be surprised just how much you’d save on tickets alone.

Stay Away From The Convention Center Events.

The convention center at Disneyland is the biggest one in the entire West Coast of America. It is often holding a range of events such as conferences which attract a very large number of people. We encourage you to plan your visit to Disneyland accordingly.

Take Your Own Meals and Snacks.

Rather than purchasing meals, snacks and drinks at Disneyland, consider bringing your own instead. These can be purchased for much cheaper at nearby stores instead. Not only will this save you money, but it will also save you time from waiting in the lengthy lines.

Purchase Dining Vouchers In Advance.

If you are intending on eating at Disneyland, it is our recommendation that you purchase dining vouchers in advance. Such vouchers will give you at least ten per cent off every ticket for the meals you purchased.

Never Book Accommodation at Disneyland Accommodation Sites.

You really have no need to stay in Disneyland’s accommodation sites. These are remarkably expensive. Think about what it is you really need and stay in cheaper accommodation instead.

Take Advantage of Disneyland’s Vacation Packages.

The best time to book a Disneyland vacation packages is in the quiet periods. The package will save you money on everything you could possibly think of.

Get A SoCal City Pass.

A SoCal City Pass will cover more than just Disneyland. It will also cover you for the Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo. Witih this you’ll get into three different places for the price of one pass. It also lasts for as long as three days.

These are just some of our disneyland money saving tips. There are of course many more disneyland money saving tips that everyone should know before visiting this amazing place. We hope you have found these helpful.