What to Wear for a Cruise?

tips for cute outfits for a cruise
best ideas for cute outfits for a cruise

Your long-awaited holiday is nearing and you’re about to board the cruise ship for a week-long cruise trip. But despite that, you get stressed over what you should wear on board. Some cruises have quite a strict dress code. Fret not, here are some ideas for some cute outfits for a cruise!

Typically called a sea day, during the day time, patrons are expected to spend their entire day on the ship doing various activities. During a sea day, you can wear as casual as you wish to! Whether you hang out by the pool and join in the cooking classes, lightweight casual clothing is ideal. Pack your swimsuit, kaftan or sarong for the ease and the comfort. If you do not plan on swimming, a tank top and shorts or slacks would be more than sufficient. If you feel like going an extra mile, a maxi dress would do the job perfectly! Don’t forget to pack your flip-flops, sunglasses and sunscreen!

During the evenings are when you can get a little creative. Some cruise trips enforce a formal dress code for formal dinners, and some do not. However, there is no need for you to pack a cocktail dress. A sundress can be perfect to accommodate formal needs, but still be stylish yet comfortable! Add on a few accessories like a gold necklace and not forgetting those hoop earrings! For footwear, a pair of black strapped heels can accommodate for different occasions as well, not just dinners.

If you are about to go on an excursion, an outfit that provides comfort should be the priority, however, it should also be stylish enough for the Gram! A cute outfit idea is to wear a white boyfriend tee with a cotton midi skirt. Cotton is a great idea especially in warmer climates due to the fabric’s ability to soak up sweat and it allows heat to escape the body. Comfortable footwear should be worn, such as sneakers. If you would like to add a bit of height to your shoes, consider packing wedges. Comfort is key!

It really is a task to whip out cute outfits for a cruise, but once you have it all planned out, the only thing left to do is to rock it during the trip! A great style that makes you happy makes all the difference in having the best holiday!