Proven Flight Hacks For Cheap Ticket Booking Of Any Airlines

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cheapest air tickets booking tips

Saving some bucks especially when traveling is one of the best things you can do since that means that you end up “getting” some extra cash which you can use for something else. If you are flying and need to save some cash when booking airline tickets, consider the following cheap flight hacks:

1. Finding the airline tickets cheapest deals is not always an easy thing to do, and if you can’t find such deals on your own, then seek an alternative – Skyscanner. If perhaps, you have a flexible schedule, Skyscanner’s tools can help you find the cheapest time to fly, considering that air ticket prices vary depending on time. There are other search engines as well, such as Google Flights, Hipmunk, and others that can give you a chance to fly cheaper.

2. FareCompare website’s study’s results suggest that the best time to book cheap airline tickets would be on a Tuesday since this is when a majority of airlines offer discounted flight tickets. As such, if you get some time to purchase your flight ticket on Tuesday, you might just get a good deal which will save you some cash.

3. When a country suffers a significant local currency drop, that might be a good time to book a flight, as it often takes quite a while before the respective airlines can readjust their prices. Note, however, that you may be required to physically be in such a location for you to access such deals from local agents.

4. This program, also known as travel points or airline miles is a loyalty program that most airliners or credit card companies offer. Once you master this travel-miles-and-points game, you’re sure of almost always getting the cheapest flight deals. The good news is that earning travel points is not a hard thing to do, considering that you can get such from car rentals, flight bookings, as well as hotel stays, and even credit card signup bonuses.

5. Your company might have negotiated corporate code travel discounts with a particular airline, and such discounts can save you a significant amount of cash. Next time you’re getting airborne, consider such deals, and you’ll be amazed at how much you might be able to save from such.

6. Want to book a cheap flight, whether local or international? Consider flying when everyone else is not – fly when it’s not the time for school holidays or other holidays such as Christmas. Finding a cheap flight ticket when everyone else is flying is almost impossible, considering that the demand is high, and airline companies want to make the most of such moments.

7. Signing up for a premium credit card such as American Express and others can get you special offers such as a two-for-one special on flight tickets. Some of these credit cards offer such benefits even for the Business or First Class passengers. All you need to do is sign up for a credit card that is associated with your favorite airline or visit the credit card company of your choice and register for a premium card associated with a particular airline.

8. The main purpose of taking a flight is to bring you to your desired destination, the rests (on board entertainment, beverage, etc.) are secondary.  Thus, budget airlines like Southwest Airlines, JetBlue or Norwegian (fly to Europe) will sure save you some money.

Two bonus flight tips for cheap ticket booking:

9. Subscribe to your favorite airlines’ social media, or even subscribe to their email lists. Most airliners will release their discounted or cheap flight tickets offers on their social media and email lists, before sharing the news to the public.

10. When you check your favorite airline websites, a secret tip is to reset the country setting of an airliner website. With a wider country setting, you can find more cheap airfare offers from various locations. This tip is especially useful if you are surfing from Asia or Europe.

Final thoughts

Savings some cash on your next itinerary should not be a hard nut to crack if you consider the above flight cost-saving suggestions. At first glance, it might not look like you can save much cash with the above tips, but the truth is that the potential savings that you can get from the points above are just eye-popping.


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